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Mobarake Steel Company’s Public Relationships received the Strategic Management Most Admired Statue.
Simultaneously with the Eleventh International Public Relationships Symposium dated 15th November 2015 with the presence of 500 local and foreign guests from the Netherlands, the United States, Spain, and Italy in Niroo Research Center, Mobarke Steel Company was honored as the most admired Public Relationships in strategic management.

As reported by the steel reporter, Eleventh International Public Relationships Symposium was opened upon Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s message, the Head of Iran Expediency Council, and with the presence of representatives from 5 countries.

During this International Public Relationships Symposium, besides the two training workshops on “how to design a campaign”, design and fulfill relationships campaigns in the field of acculturation, eight selected articles were presented by eight Iranian, American, Italian, Spanish, and Holland professors.

During the two days of holding this scientific-training occasion, totally 650 Iranian public relationships in-charge persons became familiar with the procedure of design and fulfillment of relationships campaigns, especially in cyberspace.

In this occasion, Dr. Bart D. Worris, the head of International Public Relationships Society, Hoshmand Sefidi, Iran’s International Public Relationships Symposium Secretary General and the Conference Secretary, a group of media chiefs, and communication sciences & public relationships professors including Sarookhani make speeches.

Likewise, 11 public relationships books were introduced in the symposium closing ceremony and 55 nominees in public relationships scientific and practical fields in 2014 were honored.