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Polay Bahez Company ,as the one and only foreign company of AtiehFouladNaqsheJahan Holding , has been registered with abbreviatin name of P.B.CO in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (sulaymaniah).
Relaying on highly skilled sepcialists and by focusing on enhancing productivity , it has been managed to gain respectable position in exporting Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Company and associated units product's (Hot Rolled Sheet, Cold Rolled Sheet , Galvanized and painted kind ) as well as ZobAhan Isfahan product's (Iron and Joist) to Iraq.
Company Objectives:
• Market and product development
• Selecting the best producers and consumers
• Appropriate costing
• Picking the best distribution network
Company perspectives:
• Having more portion in middle east , far east and European markets
• Investing in rebuilding and producing projects in mentioned regions
• Establishing agency in other countries